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No delivery delay (12/01/2011)

No delivery delay In LAM Technologies we are always attentive to our customer needs and we know how important is the timely disptach of orders.

Despite the difficult market situation of the electronic components we were able, also for the just ended year, to strictly comply with the delivery dates required by our customers.

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M1433040 Stepping Motor
M1433040 Stepping Motor (08/04/2013)
The NEMA42 stepper motors family is enhanced with the new model M1433040, capable of delivering 29Nm of torque.

With a length of just 201mm the new stepper motor is the perfect solution for the most»read more

3D Stepping Motor Models
3D Stepping Motor Models (03/04/2013)
Registered users can download 3D models of LAM Technologies stepper motors NEMA17, NEMA23, NEMA24, »read more
DS5x supplied in AC
DS5x supplied in AC (08/05/2012)
Also the DS5x series of Modbus-RTU programmable stepper motors drives is now available in AC supply version.

The high level of technology achieved has enabled us to integrate the power supply directly inside the drive, without increasing its»read more

LS1087 and LS1098
LS1087 and LS1098 (24/02/2012)
The stepper motor drives housed in the “L”-shape bracket are enhanced by two new models suitable for applications requiring high powers.

The model LS1087 can be powered up to 160Vdc and it is able to supply an effective current equal to 8,5Arms»read more

UDP Commander from command line
UDP Commander from command line (16/01/2012)
Starting from the 1.60 version the free software UDP Commander can be used from the command line to speed and automate the configuration and programming of the drives.

This feature makes also possible to use UDP Commander inside one's own»read more