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NEMA 24 Stepper Motor 60x60mm (2.36x2.36in) holding torque up to 3.2Nm (453oz-in)

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Stepper Drives Stepper Drives
  • Fast mounting on DIN rail
  • Integrated oscillator
  • Low-cost versions
  • Up to 3000rpm at 1/128 steps/rev
  • 32bit mathematical functions
  • FREE programming software!
NEMA 24 A series of stepper motors with flange 60mmx60mm (also known as NEMA24), slightly larger than the most common NEMA23.

The larger internal rotor allows to improve the performance of the application when the load is highly inertial, as it improves the inertia relation between the motor and the load itself.

Different windings are available for an optimal use of the motor at different speeds.

The model M1243044 at low phase inductance is particularly suitable when the drive is supplied at 24Vdc.

Family Overview

A wide range of stepper motors available from stock characterized by high torque, compact size and competitive price.

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M1243042 M1243042
  • Torque 3.2Nm (453oz-In)
  • Current 4.2Arms
  • NEMA 24 standard flange
M1243044 M1243044
  • Torque 3.2Nm (453oz-In)
  • Current 6Arms
  • NEMA 24 standard flange

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