Serially controllable Stepper Drive for PCB mounting 12..42Vdc 0.3..2.4Apk

Matching motors

M1233031 M1233031
  • Torque 1Nm (142oz-In)
  • Current 0.62Arms
  • NEMA 23 standard flange
M1233021 M1233021
  • Torque 0.8Nm (113oz-In)
  • Current 0.62Arms
  • NEMA 23 standard flange
M1233012 M1233012
  • Torque 0.55Nm (77oz-In)
  • Current 2Arms
  • NEMA 23 standard flange
M1173041 M1173041
  • Torque 0.5Nm (71oz-In)
  • Current 1.7Arms
  • NEMA 17 standard flange
M1173031 M1173031
  • Torque 0.4Nm (56oz-In)
  • Current 1.7Arms
  • NEMA 17 standard flange
M1173021 M1173021
  • Torque 0.28Nm (39oz-In)
  • Current 1.3Arms
  • NEMA 17 standard flange
USD60362 The USD modules are bipolar stepper motor drives designed for PCB mounting.

They represent the perfect solution to save space and remove the cables as perfectly integrable with the electronics»read more

Technical Data

Power Supply Voltage From 12Vdc up to 42Vdc
Phase current From 0.3Apk up to 2.4Apk
Logic Supply Voltage 5Vdc
Control Mode Streaming via serial line and proprietary protocol
Special Features TXON output for automatic RS485 flow control. Deferred execution of movements by Hardware Trigger
Digital Inputs 2 TTL/CMOS compatible: ENABLE, RESET
8 TTL/CMOS compatible: RX, TX, TXON, ADD0, ADD1, ADD2, ADD3, ADD4
3 bidirectional TTL/CMOS compatible: IO0, IO1, IO2
2 analog for the phase current setting
Digital Outputs 1 open collector: FAULT
3 bidirectional TTL/CMOS compatible: IO0, IO1, IO2
Step subdivision Selectable from full step to 1/2 step or automatic mode
Protections, Alarms and Diagnostics Over and under voltage, short circuit phase to phase, phase to ground, phase-positive
Connections Via solder pins
Dimensions 44.5(H) x 55(L) x 28.5(W) mm
1.75(H) x 2.17(L) x 1.12(W) inches
Weight 120g


  • Compact size
  • Up to 32 drives controllable by a single serial line
  • 3 I/O available for different uses
  • Change the resolution on the fly
  • TTL / CMOS microcontroller compatible
  • Internal pull-up resistors on each input
  • IP65 protection degree