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Modbus RTU drives

DDS5 series, stepper motor drives with Modbus RTU RS485 interface

  • Industrial Modbus RTU protocol
  • Isolated RS485 physical layer with communication speed up to 921,600bit/s
  • Read/Write Multiple Registers available (function code 23 0x17)
  • Registers remapping to optimize and speed up access
  • Operating modes: Speed, Position, Torque, Homing
  • Incremental and absolute (SSI) encoder input
  • Optional closed-loop operation with torque control
  • Step-less vector control
  • Touchprobe inputs
  • Motor brake control
  • Over 50 different homing method
  • Home on mechanical stop and on encoder Index possible
  • Separate supply voltage for power and logic
  • Phase current up to 10Arms (14.1Apk)
  • Digital and analog inputs and outputs
  • AC and DC power supply
  • Compact dimension and easy installation on DIN rail
  • Free engineering tool Omni Automation IDE
  • Normally immediately available for delivery from stock
Modbus RTU drives
The DDS5x series stepper motor drives allow an accurate and complete motor control through the industrial Modbus RTU protocol.

The physical layer is RS485 type and isolated from the auxiliary and power supply, the communication speed reaches 921.600Kbit/s. Among the implemented functions is the 23 0x17 Read/Write Multiple registers which allows in a single transaction to read and write multiple registers at the same time and can be used, for example, to update the position set point and read the encoder quota in a single operation.

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