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CANopen integrated motors

DMS6 series, stepper motor with integrated drive and CANopen bus

  • High performance integrated drive stepper motor
  • CANopen fieldbus
  • Isolated CAN physical layer with communication speed up to 1Mbit/s
  • CiA 301 communication profile
  • CiA 402 motion control profile
  • Consumer and Producer heartbeat
  • SDO and configurable PDO services
  • Operating modes: Profile position (pp), Profile velocity mode (pv), Profile torque mode (tq), Homing mode (hm), Interpolated position (ip)
  • Step-less vector control
  • Separate supply voltage for power and logic
  • Over 50 different homing method
  • Home on mechanical stop and on encoder Index possible
  • Touchprobe inputs
  • Motor brake control
  • M12 industrial connectors
  • Free engineering tool Omni Automation IDE
  • Normally immediately available for delivery from stock
CANopen integrated motors
The DMS6xx2 integrated motors have NEMA23 flange and nominal torque up to 3.0Nm and are equipped with CANopen fieldbus and profile CiA301 and CiA402.

The motor with integrated drive can operate according to the Profile Position, Profile Velocity, Profile Torque and Interpolated position. Also available the Homing mode, which includes more than 50 different types of homing.

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